Platinum Hair Makeover


Sam is naturally really blonde, but in the winter it gets a little darker from her hair not being exposed to the sun. I did a TON of thin highlights all over to make it SUPER blonde and ashy with no warmth! How I achieved this look👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

✂️ #Olaplex used for entire process****
✂️ #PaulMitchell Synchro Lift is a blue powder lighter, which helps tone brassiness in the hair as it lifts through the stages to get to desired color- in this case Platinum with NO brass.
✂️ I used @paulmitchellus Sheer Rapid Toner in “Icy Blue/Violet” after the lighter was shampooed out to get out any unwanted brass color left over. Regardless if you use a blue lighting powder, you will most likely still need to tone the hair after
✂️ Styled with #Orbe “Royal Blowout” heat styling spray
✂️ Orbe “Grandiose hair Plumping Mousse”
✂️ #BigSexyHair hairspray & touch of their “Powder Play” volumizing & texturizing powder which is AMAZING but be careful of how much you use because the powder turns pasty when massaged on the scalp






Kanga- @letsfaceit

Snap Chat- teenut_xo


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